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The Forest How To Open Up Locked Yacht Door

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The hallway before the vault. Cross the bridge where another snake guy is and there is a ramp to your right leading up and back the way you came.

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Common Door locking module in this video i show how to deal with the problemBUY A VW Go.

The Forest How To Open Up Locked Yacht Door. Climb up the wall on the left and use the lanterns to Bash attack your way across the spikes to the right and up the chasm. Up the ramp and to the left is a cave where you open the shortcut. This prevents the player from re-entering the lab.

Press F1 to open. The 3 ingredients Wizard needs for his spell are. The door to the bunk room is locked now.

Talk to Wizard in town who wants you to collect 3 ingredients. After doing the above you can use the following hotkeys to operate the console. DEFENSIVE DOORS The Forest Lets Play Gameplay S13E11 – YouTube.

Main Menu type developermodeon this will allow console commands. To open the locked door you must earn the True Pacifist ending. If you do alternative ending you get key to door in the yacht when you open doors in yacht you get key to big black doors in cave of alternative ending the one in snowy mountains behind black doors is portable artifact that has.

Processing Area Near the Scorpion key look in the open freezer. Walk east to enter the cave that leads north to the Mystery Door. Press your F1 key on your keyboard to open and close the console.

Line up with them and block their rush attack to knock them onto their backs. F1 opens and closes the console. Use the corrosive you picked up to open.

Jun 19 2018 857am. Approaching the door the player must travel through a long cave hallway with man-made looking pillars on both sides seemingly made of the same material as the sacrifice doors. F2 opens and closes the console log.

You get golden keycard after boss fight in the endgame you need to choose alternative ending and not shoot the plane you will find key behind those doors in yacht in the freshly generated cave it appears once you start this ending you can use this key to get. Typing a command into the console and hitting ENTER on your keyboard will run the command. Unlock the Forest by talking to Hanna Cain and then Dale.

If the above doesnt work for you you need help using the console or you want to find out more about the console and commands check out our The Forest console help page. Head through to meet a couple of Spiked Beetles. You need golden keycard yours broken keycard isnt enough.

Go past the elevator shaft to the far corner. After typing a command into your console ENTER will run it. Interact to open it and collect the hidden lock pick.

Once youre at the vaults door wait until it opens and then rush inside with your crew. During the ending credits you must dodge the Kickstarter credits. You cant hit and turn a single name yellow.

How gain entry via a VW door that wont open from inside OR outside. Go to Options Gameplay Allow Cheats On Step 2. Once youve discovered the vault head towards the door and place the key on the pedestal.

If the player chooses to remain on the Peninsula after traversing the laboratory the Vault Door will be blocked by a cave in of rubble. This will open up the stone wall and let you access the vault below. Jump up to the log and Stomp on it until a door opens up to the left.

To open these locked doors youll need to take a nearby enemy hostage by sneaking up on them or knocking out their legs with a. Theres a blue plastic bin that contains this key. Turn around and follow the hall around to the left.

Now go through the door to the left and pick up another Spirit Life Container in the water. Give it a shove to the right and the door will open. It appears as a small text box in the top left hand corner of your screen.

Visit Witchs hut in the Forest. Jump up to where the door opened but head right first to pick up a Spirit Life Container.

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