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Roof Purlin Design Calculation

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Roof purlin are members used to directly support roof sheeting materials and could be made of timber or steel. The real purlins shall be checked for deflection in the direction perpendicular to the roof.

Design Of Roof Purlins Structville

Load per unit length load per unit area of roof x purlin spacing.

Roof Purlin Design Calculation. In timber construction purlins are nailed to the rafter or supporting trusses while in steel roof construction they are welded or bolted to the rafters or trusses by the means of cleats. With the PurCalc software the user can design roof and wall purlins produced by Ruukki. The designis based on the maximum yeild strength Mn FySx as stated in the AISC Manual 13th Ed.

This spread sheet can only be used for load combinations with two variables. M 1 4428 kNm M 2 283 kNm C b 175 1052834428032834428 2 182 Lu 200bf Fy. Weight 31 22 328 4622 kgm 46229811000 0453 kNm Additional End Moment 038 7 2 12 185 kNm Total Design Moment 4243 185 4428 kNm Check for Sx required.

Purlins are spaced based on designs or type of roofing sheets. – Section Modulus of Purlins Zp WPL1800 Refer Table 27 Design the purlins using single angle sections. One of the purlin flanges is assumed to be supported with the profile sheet.

This spreadsheet is to be used to check the adequacy of roof purlins for a specified combination of loads. But for our calculations we are using 900mm spacings. Purlin spacing on slope.

The roof load is converted into beam load per unit length by the formula given below. The purlin type must be the same for the whole structure but the thickness may vary. Metal Building Roof Purlin Line Strength by Computation Cristopher D.

Purlins is a horizontal structural member in a roof which supports the loads from the roof sheathing and are supported by rafters trusses or building walls. The real purlins shall be checked for deflection in the direction perpendicular to the roof. Purlin section properties span length material.

Moen1 Abstract A computation-based method for metal building purlin and girt design is introduced using the AISI S100-16 North American Speciļ¬cation for the Design of Cold-Formed Steel Structural Members. As a rule of thumb purlins are frequently proportioned for a ratio of depth to length of 132. The purlins are designed as continuous beams.

April 24th 2018 – Roof Purlin Design Calculation Preview This Spreadsheet Is To Be Used To Check The Adequacy Of Roof Purlins For A Specified Combination Of Loads design and economical of roof trusses amp purlins. The important point to keep in mind when you use your truss calculator is that every truss calculation is. The building is 100 clear span x 125 length x 20 Eave with 04912 roof slope.

Only design of purlin is explained in this video in a very simple wayTo watch how to calculate the load on purlin then plss watch this videoNext and the la. On both sides of the curled groove-shaped section of the simple purlin. The frame spacing is 25 ft and purlins are continuous lapped connections over 5 bays of 25 ft.

Allow the deflection v by the table to take the value Purlin. Design inputs are defined first including cross-section dimensions and orientation span lengths roof slope and bracing provided by the standing seam to the purlin line. 11 Span slope purlin and rafter spacing.

Dead load 035 kNm2 on slope Imposed load 075 x 66324 071 kNm2 on slope Spacing of purlins 63243 211 m. Design loading is based on 2018 IBC ASCE7-16 Risk Category II for the Washington DC geographical location. On both ends of the Z-shaped section simply purlin.

Rafter slope min 15 max 45 degrees. Design of Roof Purlins. Wpurlin 035 071 x 211 x 5 1118 kN.

Roof purlin design calculation. Roof slope tan-1 26 184 30o. The full version allows any size.

This demo version is fixed at 1m clear span. L b 7000 C b 175 105M 1 M 203M 1 M 2 2. Sx M Fb Calculation of F b.

PURLINS are the wood of 2 by 2 or 50mm by 50mm we nail the roofing sheets on. Purlin spacing on plan. Structural calculations for timber joists timber beams glulam beams flitch beams using the latest design codes.

If the panel length is excessive and it is difficult to design the roofing purlins are also placed in between the panel points reducing the purlin spacing and span for the roof sheet. PurCalc software for designing purlins. The calculations consider gravity downward and suction.

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