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Slow And Low Rock And Rye Whiskey Nutrition Facts

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We determined the ideal sugar content by crafting our ideal Old Fashioned with a bar spoon of sugar and using a hydrometer – they came out to right around 5 sugar by volume which is what we use in Slow Low. Instead think of it as a crisp and refreshing drink.

Review Hochstadter S Slow Low Rock And Rye Drinkhacker

Hochstadters Slow Low Rock and Rye 42 ABV 84 Proof 2899 is made by macerating six year old straight rye whiskey with lemon grapefruit and orange peels rock candy honey and horehound.

Slow And Low Rock And Rye Whiskey Nutrition Facts. In 1883 the drink was finally reclassified as a distilled spirit. Slow Low Rock and Rye Whiskey this might be a tiny can but it. Pennsylvania for example is a particular hot spot with Jacquins Rock and Rye having sold more than 3 million bottles in 2017.

Slow Low Rock and Rye Whiskey. — 67 g left. Total Fat 00 g.

Regardless of all the stats its goodbut Ill get back to that in a bit. It is a state of being. Take rye whiskey raw local honey dried navel oranges maybe some bitters.

The foundation is still straight rye whiskey and we are using a blend of straight ryes aged from 2 years to 10 years. Slow and Low has less than 5 sugar by volume which is about 25 of the sugar included in flavored whiskies such as Southern Comfort Wild Turkey American Honey Tennessee Honey Red Stag etc. It is still predominantly six year straight rye but the younger and older whiskies.

Meant to be drunk neat or on the rocks Slow Low Rock and Rye is a base of straight rye whiskey with added raw Pennsylvania honey dried naval oranges rock candy and bitters. Inspired by traditional Rock Rye recipes Hochstadters Slow and Low is a drink similar to an Old Fashioned. Calories in Jim Beam Rye Whiskey.

Calorie Goal 1897 cal. If you get a negative number that means you are in a caloric deficit and your body will resort to burning fat to obtain more energy. Jim Beam Rye Whiskey 1 oz Calories.

Slow Low celebrates the journey and provides the spirit to roll wherever you go and share with whomever you are with. Simply open and serve over ice or spice it up with an orange garnish chop up with ice to make a Slow Cone or serve with a beer. Slow Low takes the path less traveled for the reward of personal discovery.

According to the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau definition rock and rye has a minimum 255 alcohol by volume must be made with rye straight rye or whiskey distilled from a rye mash and contain either rock candy or sugar. The bright citrus of Slow Low leaps out in the nose with the orange and lemon leading the pack. 103 2000 cal left.

Its boozy spicy and sweet. 000g Nutrition Facts – Similar Rock Rye Can Faygo. Slow Low was bottled beginning in 2013 and is one of several rock and ryes available.

Hochstadters Slow Low Rock And Rye details nutrition Americas first Rye Old Fashioned in a can Slow Low is 84 proof and boasts a smooth balanced blend of integrity aged straight rye whiskey dried navel orange peel from Florida raw allnatural honey Angostura bitters and a dose of rock candy. Rock and rye finds its roots in the bars and pharmacies of the youthful United States during the 1800s. — 2300 g left.

Stew slow and low. At 84-proof 42 ABV the Rock and Rye is a cocktail that hearkens back to when there were plenty of rye whiskies. As a medicine rock and rye was taxed at a lower rate than liquor adding to the potential profit.

A smooth long finish follows reminiscing of honey orange and rye whiskey character. Hochstadters claims a founding date of 1884 with its original Rock and Rye being served both in saloons and in pharmacies during one would assume Prohibition. The drink itself is mellow with slightly sweet flavours exceptionally balanced with citrus grapefruit and rock candy notes.

The new Slow Low now stands at a humane 84 proof. Slow Low was inspired by that original recipe and the current offering is 84 proof 42 alcohol by volume. The brands funky website tells you a bit more about this about how the original rock and rye was rye with rock candy in it how theyve determined 5 sugar content makes the perfect old fashioned etc.

At its most basic it is rye whiskey that is sweetened and flavored. Show full nutrition information. The Cooper Spirits Company who produce Slow Low are here to help introducing with the worlds first high proof cocktail in a can.

A half-cup serving has 30 more protein than regular wheat six grams with only 140 calories. So how does it drink. More than a bottled cocktaiL.

Made with rye whiskey local honey from Pennsylvania navel oranges from Florida angostura bitters and a pinch of rock candy Slow Low is the perfect pre-bottled Old Fashioned. Rock Rye Per 8 fl oz – Calories. Etc flavoured rums and high proof liqueurs.

Rebellious and free spirited. It is VERY dry compared to these other brands and is by far the driest Rock and Rye in market.

Hochstadter S Slow Low Rock And Rye

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Review Hochstadter S Slow Low Rock And Rye Drinkhacker

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Review Hochstadter S Slow Low Rock And Rye Drinkhacker

Slow Low Rock Rye Whiskey Total Wine More

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Slow Low Rock Rye Whiskey Total Wine More

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